Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Dunno, I’m Kind of Bitter, Aren’t You?

While both the Clinton and McCain campaigns have seized and capitalized upon a remark that Barack Obama delivered to them gratis, courtesy of this website, and Barack Obama has apologized to any who might be offended by his remarks, I’m still trying to figure out why everyone is no longer bitter about what is going on around us.

I am extremely bitter about how Washington has turned a deaf ear to Americans, a grand majority of Americans, who want us out of Iraq, who want the Kleptocrats out of office, who want respect in the workplace, who want a piece of the American Dream. Yes, we are bitter and if Hillary Clinton or John McCain has a problem with that, then they are clueless and ill-equipped to govern.

Now Clinton and McCain argue that Obama’s “bitter remarks” smacked of elitism, a word that I object to because it comes from the wrong mouths. Who among the three candidates has got a hundred million dollars? Who among the three married a “beer heiress” said to be worth more than Bill and Hillary, combined?

These two are the very definition of elite, yet here they both are pointing fingers at Obama saying “How dare he say those things about all of us!”

Lest we forget, these were some of the words Obama spoke, words that brought out the righteous wrath of two very rich people:

“So it's not surprising then, that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who are not like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations.”
This is right out of a Democrat’s insight into why you saw Bush/Cheney signs posted outside of trailer park homes. Indeed, those who by all rights should be firmly in the Democratic camp, people who might benefit from changes in how wealth is distributed in this country, chose instead to side with the ones least inclined to help them out. Votes for Republicans were generated by bitter frustration and fear.

By the way, these are the kind of people who have been lost by the Democrats, people that are least likely to support either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. These are McCain's people now.

So big deal. At least now I know that Barack Obama gets it. He understands the things that have been in motion to divide this country so that they can keep the Kleptocracy in place.

So it does not surprise me that McCain jumped all over this, Obama was talking about his base. That Clinton did also, where her advisor, James Carville, pointed out these very aspects of frustrated bitter people in his book, only shows again what we all have come to know about her: Hillary Clinton has sold out to the politics of fear and division.

This is not good for Democrats. This has now hurt the Democratic Party. I gave Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt previously, and agreed that both campaigns should continue, because it brings excitement to current primary states, just as it did to Texas last month. Now I am not so sure.

Maybe now it’s time for Hillary Clinton to fade into the background. Now that she and John McCain find themselves on the same side, maybe now it’s time to bring all of this to an end.


Anonymous said...

Don't be a drama queen over this.

It is nothing more than a rookie mistake made by a rookie politician.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Hal said...

If only that were the truth. The truth is that this is a gift that Obama gave the Clinton campaign and that doesn't happen very often. It wasn't a "Macaca moment" but you will be hard pressed not to believe that listening to Clinton and her surrogates in the coming days.

I'm with you, Anon. Move on. Obama should also have learned that in this day of information and access, you can't tailor your words to your audience anymore. Those days are gone forever.

Anonymous said...

I cannot figure out what was offensive about Obama's comment.

Bitter is just another way to say being disappointed very much so.

With America facing challenges like never before, I am "bitter" about it. Just think about it--American jobs gone elsewhere, gas prices, rising prices on everything; the tragedy of our average American families losing their homes while a major bank of wall street who played a major role in giving bad loans to unsuspecting home buyers gets a bail out; our heavy dependence upon countries with oil who hate us; too many of our young men and women dying in a war that we don't know how to untangle ourselves from; too many people who are not legal citizens draining our economical, educational, and social/medical resources to the point that our legal citizens cannot benefit if need be. Yet, there are those among us who want to debate the silliness of the word "bitter". The truth of the matter is, Obama is correct in his assessment; there is much reason for the average American to be bitter.

Unless someone with courage and new inventive ways to help solve these major challenges facing our country, America as in the United States of America faces a “bitterly” bleak future, particularly for our young people.

Although, I am a Hillary supporter and would prefer her to be at the head of the ticket but, I will not be "bitter" if Obama in the final analysis is at the head of the ticket.

Those who call Obama a rookie about what they perceive as missteps or misspeak are wasting precious time by focusing on distortions rather than the "real" challenges which face us all. Moreover, Obama had the additional courage to say that although there were those who misinterpreted his "bitter" comment and he apologized for those who took his comment to mean what it did not mean; however, he continued, he felt that there would be future occasions whereby he may say something, perhaps, that will be mistaken as having another meaning other than the meaning intended. Obama realizes that in politics that is the "Nature of the Beast"----those who have no worthy contribution other than to wait like prey to pounce on some candidate’s comment in order to distort, distract from the real issues at stake.

The American people have smartened up to this trash tactic and took issue with the media questioners in the most recent debate the other evening. The American public did not like the manner in which the commentators focused their questions on no issues like the bitter comment and the Rev. Wright comments for Barack; and the sniper incident for Hillary. The Average Americans are too absorbed in "real" day to day issues like how do I pay for my gas, healthcare, and keep my house from going into foreclosure or will I find that my job has been outsourced to workers in another country when I go into work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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