Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is That A Naked Lady In Your Sunglasses, Dick?

The blogosphere is anything but a sane place to be usually, and this past week’s absurdity doesn’t give lie to that fact. Imagine that. In a discussion on DemocraticUnderground, individuals and bloggers took a good close look at a close-up photo of Dick Cheney, a photo taken on a fishing trip several years ago, and posited that the reflection in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses was in fact the reflection of a naked lady.

That when Dick Cheney goes fly fishing, he takes with him his rod, his reel, his creel, his tackle box . . . and a naked lady.

If only that were true.

If that were true it would at long last disprove the lie that Dick Cheney has ice water in his veins. That the architect of this morass called the Iraq War, a debacle that has only served to line the pockets of his company and those of his cronies, is in fact a real human being with real human desires.

But I guess not. The LA Times is showing an improbable, and I am guessing, photoshopped version of the same photograph, that clearly shows, far more clearly than the original, I might point out, that the image was simply of his own hand holding his rod. His fishing rod.

What then, explains the huge smile on this man? The man whose smile muscles were thought to be in an atrophied state from nonuse? What but a naked lady would bring a smile to the man? This is what must have been running through the minds of people posting on DU.


In my attempt to get to the truth I took the original photo and extracted the pixels that represented the speculative naked lady, seen at right. Then applying a sophisticated computer algorithm of my own device, one that includes an advanced Fourier analysis, I came up with this result.

Far more probable.

Far more believable.

A result that does not require one to make too many leaps of logic.

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