Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So Long, Shelley

I thought that I would be the last to say this, but I am going to miss Shelley Sekula Gibbs. Now that the 2008 Republican primary is finally decided, and Shelley found herself a few votes shy of winning in the Texas CD 22 race against “DC Pete” Olson, it dawned on me today that we aren’t going to have Shelley Sekula Gibbs to kick around any more.

So something has passed, and I must move on. But not before this final nostalgic look back. Not without a final send off.

Not without my farewell video.


Bye, Shelley.


Anonymous said...

The picture of Shelley being sworn by Dennis Hastert is priceless.

Do you suppose she qualifies for some sort of Congressional pension?

Hal said...

I wondered about this back when we were ticking off all of the money Shelley was going to cost everyone, starting with the City of Houston, who had to hold an election to replace her.

The answer is no, she doesn't qualify for a pension. My recollection is that a congressman needs to be re-elected 4 times, a total of 5 two-year terms, before becoming vested in the retirement program.

Anonymous said...

You call Olson, "DC Pete," perhaps Shelley's only constructive legacy from her sad campaign. I would submit that DC stands for, "Deceptive Carpetbagger Pete." One interesting thing is that when a local TV station did a forum with the original 10 candidates, Ole Petey was the only no-show. He was supposedly off at a DC fundraiser. Obviously he knows where his priorities are, and they aren't with the people who vote--but with the people who buy the votes of Congressmembers.

Hal said...

Absolutely correct, Earl. I shamelessly steal from anyone who has an inspired turn of a phrase. This may be Shelley's legacy to CD 22, a rallying cry for Denocrats. I'll use it and any other witticism I come across with the guiding philosophy that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.