Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rick Noriega’s Senatorial Campaign Fundraising Hits Overdrive

First quarter fundraising figures for Rick Noriega’s senatorial campaign are out. Noriega, who will face Texas’s junior senator, John Cornyn this November, is poised to make the important inroads in campaign fundraising that will be needed this year, as first quarter numbers are showing.

John Cornyn has had the time, over these past six years, to amass an over $8 million trove of campaign cash to defend his seat this November. A defense that will doubtless prove to be futile given the senator’s poor approval ratings as well as the Democratic fever that is sweeping the nation (even finding purchase here in traditionally red Texas).

Still, Noriega needs and will continue to need supporters to contribute to the cause so that he can get his message to Texas voters, a daunting task in a large state with 5 major media markets.

Said Rick Noriega of the campaign’s fundraising history:

“In the primary we were running an insurgent grassroots and netroots focused campaign and we accomplished our goal of securing the nomination. Since our primary victory, we have seen increasing support for our general election bid and have put in to place the fundraising team needed win in November.”

That team is already seeing results. Take a look at this graphic. One picture tells a thousand words.

Fundraising for the month of February, alone, represents an over 380% increase over the previous month, and March contributions are over 250% of what they were in February.

I’m gratified to know that my meager contribution at the end of the quarter helped with this figure in some small way. I wish it wore more Rick, but you know about how Texas pays its teachers, don’t you?

Rick still has a long way to go and it isn’t too early nor is it too late to plop down some dead presidents to seal John “I Heart Dubya” Cornyn’s fate this coming November. Click here, or click on Rick’s campaign thumbnail on the upper left corner of this page.

Beating John Cornyn is going to take all of us. He has lots of resources and we not only have to make those contributions for the campaign to bring Rick’s Story to the voters, but also to show the rest of the state and country that this campaign is in the forefront of our struggle to put our government back into the hands of the American people.

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