Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Will Texas Out-NAZI Arizona?

Texas State Reps Leo Berman (R-Auschwitz) and Debbie Riddle (R-Bergen-Belsen) get to emulate, and even go one better their anti-Liberty peers in Arizona in the next legislative session? The report today is that this is very likely.

From the Star-Telegram:

“State Rep. Leo Berman said he's planning several bills, including one that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to prove their citizenship to the Texas Secretary of State before their names can be put on the ballot. The Arizona law requires presidential candidates to produce birth certificates.”

“‘We'll do it,’ said Berman, R-Auschwitz, and a former Arlington mayor pro tem. ‘We'll do it from now on. If he can't prove citizenship ... he won't have a place on the Texas ballot.’”

“Berman also plans a broad bill similar to the Arizona law, which makes being an undocumented worker a crime. He specifically wants to include the measure to allow law enforcement officials to ask people who they believe may be in the country illegally about their status.”

“‘I think almost every state in the union will follow suit,’ Berman said during a recent call from Switzerland, where he is vacationing.

He’s got them there. They forgot about the vice president. They appear on the same place on the ballot. Theoretically then, one can vote for Obama in Arizona by voting for Joe Biden.

Arizona is sure to see Berman’s point and amend their “Birther Law” at their earliest opportunity.

Interesting, though that Berman had vacation plans this year for Switzerland. Next year it will surely be to the Grand Canyon because of the cheap hotel rates as all true freedom-loving Americans will stay away from the Racist State of Arizona.

Debbie Riddle wants to get on the bandwagon as well and will herself submit a “show me your papers” law for Texas.

Also from the Star-Telegram:

“‘The first priority for any elected official is to make sure that the safety and security of Texans is well-established,’ Riddle told Hearst Newspapers in Texas. ‘If our federal government did their job, then Arizona wouldn't have to take this action, and neither would Texas.’”

You can always depend on Debbie Riddle to say something completely racist and not even know it. Just like Betty Brown's question to an Asian who was testifying about voter identification. Remember that one?

Riddle just fell in with all of the anti-immigrant haters who tried to pass anti-Irish laws in the 19th century. Legislation to protect Americans from the lawless Irish by making it compulsory for them to read the Protestant Holy Bible. Laws inspired by a short-lived party in America called the Know Nothings.

Somehow that party name seems inordinately appropriate when found in the same paragraph as Debbie Riddle’s name.

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Scott in Austin said...

Another Teabonic blithering idiot. Why doesn't she work on legislation to solve the $5-11 Billion budget shortfall? Oh, that would be too hard and doesn't garner the media like Arizona's racial profiling law.

Her bill won't even make it out of Calendars committee. The whole RGV will rise up and bitch slap these two idiots.