Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Barack Obama: Warrior

I didn’t vote for my President, Barack Obama, because I thought he would be a great “War President.” I actually voted for him because I thought he would make a spectacular “Peace President.”

A Peace President to bring two wars to an end.

A Peace President to bring our troops home alive and safe.

A Peace President who will bring an end to all the death and maiming.

Not so. Not so at all. It turns out that my President, Barack Obama, has demonstrated his skills in conducting war that is far superior, in terms of results, than the guy he succeeded.

After all, he brought an end to the life of America’s biggest enemy, Osama bin Laden. His skills in statesmanship helped to bring about the end of two oppressive dictatorships in the Middle East.

Which is ironic considering Republicans have always tagged Democrats as peaceniks.

True in my case.

But not true with Barack Obama. Obama makes George W. Bush look like a liberal sob sister. Obama has overseen a record number of bomb runs by remote control drones in Pakistan (which we are not at war with).

So, yeah, if I sound disillusioned at my President, you have it right. I though he was made of softer stuff. But what I absolutely disdain is the Republican take on my President’s warrior status.

Even when he acts like them, Republicans simply will not give him his due.

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