Thursday, August 04, 2011

Texas Prisons Close? What is Wrong With This Picture?

OK, this news article records the closing of one of the oldest prison facilities in the state of Texas. Never mind about the fact that the prison sits on the next most desired property in the southwest Houston suburbs. Don’t worry about that. Obviously the state closed the facility due to cost factors.
Yeah, right.
Sugar Land, what is left of it anyway, is up for sale and Texas has the best contiguous land holdings in the area. Lack space for prisoners? Don’t ask Jester to take up the slack. Jester is up for sale.
Texas is the single most state that is most likely to add to its prison population, and is also the single most likely state to sell off its prison property, and beds, to the highest bidder.
If you are surprised, you need a lesson in Texas.

This is what Texans have to thank themselves for voting in a Republican majority and a sell-out governor.  Oh, but Rick Perry no longer cares. He Has other fish to fry.
In DC.
Please, please, God, Buddha, Krishna, FSM, grant Rick Perry his wish to garner the Repub nomination for prez in 2012. Please, please, please.
It will be so much fun to watch, let alone participate in the barbecue.

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