Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perry Pulls a 10th Amendment Flip Flop

Finally in the news is a story that exposes Texas governor Rick Perry as a hypocritical opportunist with absolutely no political views whatsoever. It was here in the LA Times.

Apparently, yesterday Rick Perry signed a petition sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony Fund, an anti-choice PAC that funds early primary campaigns. Signers of the petition pledge to support federal intervention to curtail abortion in America. Now this is curious because Rick Perry is on record as saying that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution gives this power to the individual states. It is up to the states, said Rick Perry, to decide whether or not to allow abortion operations within their borders.

No, really, he said that. It’s here.

Days later, speaking to reporters in Houston, Perry took a similar stance on abortion, saying that if Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, were overturned, it would be up to states to set their laws regarding the procedure.
He said a similar thing with regard to New York’s passage of a law to permit same sex marriages.

But now having signed the SBA petition promising to bring the federal government’s powers directly to states, it seems that Rick Perry has just done an about face with such speed that, according to Albert Einstein, he aged by a couple of microseconds.

Which is it Governor? States’ Rights or Federal Intervention?

But this surprises me not in the least. Rick Perry has absolutely no political convictions at all. What Rick Perry is about is pandering to whatever group that will advance him, either with campaign cash or in polling. Rick Perry switches his political convictions just as he switches political parties.

The biggest mistake you can make about Rick Perry is to call him the most conservative Republican candidate in the current field. He is neither conservative nor is he liberal (although you could make that argument that he was when he was Al Gore’s Texas campaign chairman). He is just simply a shape shifter and will morph to whatever political position he thinks will advance his own personal cause the best.

But it seems the Republicans are comfortable with that kind of pol as he is now the front runner in the Republican race for the nomination.

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JJR said...

Mitt Romney's flip-flop on the abortion question is more vomit inducing.