Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodnight Irene

After watching Hurricane Irene jink and jive up the east coast for a couple of days now we now see that it has officially passed into Canada as a tropical storm. Now when Hurricane Ike hit my area 3 years ago it was bad, but I cannot imagine a storm taking out an entire coast as it stayed over water practically the whole way.

Millions are without power.

Some people died.

Others are now homeless.

And . . . and . . .to top it all off, the theater industry just had a miserable weekend with box office sales down a full 20% over the same weekend last year, and down 26% from last weekend.

What a catastrophe.

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Fenway Fran said...

Ah, but it sure took people's minds off of the economy, jobs, the 2012 elections...but maybe reminded them of the things they expect government to do for them when there's a crisis...for a second maybe.