Friday, September 14, 2012

Romney Paints His Logo Over Afghan War Memorial

OK, that’s about all I can stand. First the supposed ready-for-prime-time presidential pretender accuses the Obama administration that they apologized for a bad movie on the Prophet Mohammed, something that they did not do, and now I have firm evidence that Romney’s campaign has defiled a memorial to Afghanistan veterans.
Swear it’s so.
Look here. This is a photo of Romney’s new custom campaign jet.
It is an MD-83 leased from a Michigan company that leases jets to businesses, politicos, and all manner of people who can afford the bill. Note the serial number.
Note also the big Romney campaign logo painted on the tail.
Now take a look at a photo of this jet, also an MD-83. It has the exact same serial number.
This is the jet that the rock group U2 leased for their “Winter” tour.
See the “Bro” painted below it? That refers to their song “Brothers” written to be played in the closing credits for the movie of the same name. The movie was a poignant tale of a US marine deployed to Afghanistan whose helicopter is shot down over Afghanistan and his family is told that he is dead.
A war story honoring our war dead.
And the logo for the movie got callously painted over by Mitt Romney, who failed to even mention the war in Afghanistan in his acceptance speech earlier this month.
Are you not outraged? Is this not outrageous?
And yes, this is mock outrage on my part, but this tale is just as ridiculous as the previous controversy that Barack Obama, that Kenyan Muslim, painted his logo over the American flag on the tail of his campaign jet in 2008.
The "flag" in this case being the company logo of North American Airlines.
And no, you won’t find this bit of drivel copied badly and placed in a chain email for the next 5 years like the anti-Obama flag-paint-over tale that keeps being recirculated. You won’t because Democrats know BS when they see it.
That’s why they are Democrats, after all.  

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