Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney’s Copyright Infringement?

Remember back when John McCain was running for president and he thought that it would be just fine and dandy to play John Mellencamp’s songs “Our Country” and “Pink House” at his political rallies, only to have Mr. Mellencamp take umbrage to that, and request that he stop doing his songs?
He was even a little taken aback that McCain, an avowed conservative, would play such songs that glorified labor and the working man.
Labor, it seems was, and still is unpopular with the GOP, and vice versa.
Well while I was diddling with the idea that Mitt Romney had painted his logo over top of U2’s promotion of the movie “Brothers,” about an Afghanistan war hero’s return from the grave I completely missed the fact that Mitt’s wife’s cutesy name for her husband’s luxurious MD-83 conversion was “Hair Force One” but that Mitt was not happy with the name, and was launching a national  campaign to give it a new name.
The winner of the contest would get to ride on it with Beyoncé.
I diddled with the notion of faux outrage that he would paint his logo over U2’s, and missed this story. But now that I notice it, I have to wonder why, after all, change the name? Is it really that Ann Romney’s name is deprecating to the ex-Governor’s coiffure? Is that it?
Or do we have something even darker to hide. Something akin to McCain’s gaffe with rocker John Mellencamp?
Indeed we do. It seems that the name “Hair Force One” is already taken. Taken, ironically, by a heavy metal group. That’s the group’s name: Hair Force One.
Now I haven’t heard whether this band has approached the Romney campaign with a cease and desist order yet, or whether they ever will (but they should – think of the press it would generate for them), but I am guessing that one of the quiz kids on Romney’s campaign staff googled the name and came up with what I did and decided to issue a course correction, and enlist yet another – and more famous – musical artiste to help with the cover-up.
I have not submitted any names because I have no wish to fly on anything remotely close to a GOP campaign plane, but in case there is anyone else out there who wants to try my suggestions, you are welcome to them. Hopefully no one has copyrighted them.
  1. Liar’s Flyer
  2. Mitt’s Ritz
  3. The Bain on the Plane  

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