Monday, October 07, 2013

Cruz Blues

Ted Cruz is starting to make himself unwelcome in DC and elsewhere. This is one ego maniac who people are shunning everywhere. Well, except for Sarah Palin, but then, yeah, that makes sense.
Today TEA Party Virginia governor-wannabe Ken Cuccinelli actually fled the room rather than share the stage with Ted Cruz. He is like a Typhoid Mary of TEA Party politics these days. Cuccinelli, by contrast, is sane.
And today I traced it all the way back to when Ted Cruz derailed himself. Yes it does go back to where he said Obamacare could be defunded - but it couldn't - but people didn't actually start laughing with derision at Cruz until his now-famous reading of Dr. Seuss.
It all proceeds from there. So in celebration, here is a Half Empty collection of the best cartoons from the internet, a collection that I am calling Cruz Blues.

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