Thursday, October 17, 2013


No one on our side thought that the Republican plan to defund Obamacare was going to work. Not us, not House Democrats, not Senate Democrats. The only ones who thought that they could win were the TEA Party Republicans. They thought that they had this deal in the bag. One of their leaders, Rand Paul, has recorded it on a live microphone. Give a listen.

What a hoot. These people are in the process of thrashing apart their own party, just as it is happening here in Fort Bend County. I was there at Pete Olson's Town Hall recently. I saw how Pete Olson whipped up his faithful to support Ted "The Dead" Cruz. They had him loved lock, stock and barrel.

Really, if there is anything left of the Republican Party after this fiasco,  God bless them. They have obliterated themselves from relevancy.

Hey, anyone out there who feels alienated by the Republican Party. Join winners. We have a great big tent and are willing to listen to all comers. It dilutes us, but we are the stronger for it. Come one, come all. The Democratic Party is a party of understanding. A party of love.

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