Thursday, October 03, 2013

In For the Win

Wendy Davis is going to run for Governor of Texas.
That's what she said in a mass email message that I got from her today. I imagine I got on her list because I remember sending her an email message with a personal anecdote on abortion rights because they needed on-topic material for her to read in her filibuster last June.
Don't know if she used it. It wasn't terribly inspiring but it was a true story.
Which I'm not going to share here, thank you very much.
I've been dubious about her chances recently because the GOP is so strong in this state and the people we need to come to the polls and vote just won't do that. But I just read this article and I think I am now less "Half Empty" about her chances.
Her polling shows that she trails her probable Republican opponent, Greg Abbott by 8 percent, but most of those polled have no opinion.
No opinion? Texans have no opinion about whether to vote for a Democratic state senator, and a woman to boot, and an old white man who is only marginally successful in his job as state attorney general?
No opinion? None?
Then there is hope.
When Ann Richards pulled out on top back in the 90's and beat Claytie Williams by 3 points it should be remembered that she started out 27 points below Williams. Wendy Davis has the same kind of tenacity that Ann Richards had. Wendy Davis is anything but a pushover.
And because of this Wendy Davis has nationwide name-recognition. 
But Greg Abbott? Who's Greg Abbott? Oh, yeah he's the straight man teamed with Lou Costello sometime back.

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