Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So I Was Wondering...

whether you noticed that I wasn't posting blogs every day as has been my habit. So I looked at my views and have seen that yes, indeed, you have noticed it. My views have hit the floor. There is a reason that I have not posted blogs on the events of the day but I really don't  want to go into it right now because I have varied readers who don't need that information right now.
But I just wanted to make a plea to Texans about Proposition 6 on the Texas ballot this off-off-year election while no one goes to the polls. No one except for the truly wonky politicos among us. These constitution elections are so unsexy, no one votes in them.
Texas Proposition 6 is a constitutional amendment that gives the state legislature permission to release 2 billion dollars of the state's "rainy day fund" so that we can find new water supplies for the state.
Now don't get me wrong. We need water. We will need more water as the global climate shifts and Texas becomes more water poor. But here is the thing. A couple of years ago Texas had a little budget crisis and a few hundreds of thousands of Texas teachers were tossed out of their jobs so that school districts could balance their budgets and increase their class sizes.
And at the same time decrease education quality statewide.
What is more important, after all. Crops and crop supports for Texas farmers? Or education of the next generation? Because I am here to tell you that the next generation is behind. They have been put behind by past education policies that include NOT releasing the rainy day fund for education at a moment when it was most direly needed.
Farmers. Get your water from turnips, just as we educators had to squeeze every dollar allotted to us over the past two years.
Texas should vote NO on Proposition 6. Laissez faire. Let them survive in the marketplace. Education has done so. Why not farmers? Not one dollar for farmers that has been denied to Texas' children.

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