Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fort Bend Employees Federation Holds Candidates Forum Tonight

I heard about this some time back, but when in the run-up to today I heard nothing further, and assumed that the Fort Bend Employees Federation, aka the Teacher’s Union, had postponed or cancelled.

Nothing like that occurred. Today we see in FortBendNow that the candidates forum will be held as scheduled.

Where: Sugar Land Marriott. [map] (Just go in the lobby area and look for a bunch of people going into a meeting room. That will be it unless there’s also a meeting for someone’s make money at home scheme or something like that. Choose the meeting with the grim-faced people going in. The happy people with money hanging out of their pockets are going to the Ponzi Scheme meeting).

When: 7 PM April 2nd, 2009 (they say it will go for 2 hours)

Nothing has been announced about which candidates will show up. It varies. Some candidates for school board opt out of this meeting because the last thing they want to do is address a bunch of people interested in education (they usually have a “time conflict” for an excuse).

I’d be interested in going just to see if Carlos Cain TALKS LIKE HE WRITES.


Anonymous said...

You should of gone then Hal because he does. I predict he will be trouble for our executive business leve,l bond pushing, tax increasing, vendor free money, never met a building project he doesn't like superintendent.

God forbid we spend the tax dollars on schools, teachers and academic improvement. That would be far to easy or uncomplicated.

Anonymous said...

It was quite a show:

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Carreon got even for being snubbed by the union.