Monday, April 20, 2009

Opposite Marriage?

OK. It’s time to pay the piper. A fellow Californian has been caught out in the open with her diminutive brain exposed.

It had to happen, especially in the atmosphere of the Miss America beauty pageant.

No doubt, Miss California is stunning. No body fat whatsoever. No one has an ax to grind against that.

It’s just when the judges threw issues of the day at the finalists. They were incredibly vicious in the intent of their pointed questions. They wanted to know. They wanted to expose the fascist socialists wherever they were lurking.

Or not.

In Miss California’s case, she drew the question of the century. Or the decade, Or maybe just the semi-year.

Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”

Poor kid. Despite the admonitions of AT&T, she chose poorly.

Her answer? H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, No! No Gay Marriage. Her “country” also known as my home state, does not allow Gay Marriage.

And that is actually true. Proposition 8 and all of that.

But more to the point, she herself, and her family, oppose the idea.

No problem. She’s entitled to her opinion.

But wait, now she is saying that her opinion cost her the Miss America title? That the socialist fascists in charge of the pageant conspired to deny her the tiara?

Oh Sweet Jesus, let us weep for poor Miss California. Think of the hundreds of thousands that she kissed away with just that response.

Think deeply, Miss California. But please, don’t hurt yourself in doing it.


Anonymous said...

Too bad this "grown up" Jon Bennet (sp?) had to try to answer any question.

And remember, it's not a "beauty pageant," it's a scholarship competition.

And she's way too hot to be a conservative isn't she.

Anonymous said...

not a surprise that you are condemning her for saying what she truly feels, rather than some canned marketing response. amazing how you fakes defend the constitution when it suits you. i don't agree with her position, but she has every right to state it.

Anonymous said...

She had every right to state her opinion and it being a televised public event, we have the same right to criticize her narrow mind. And if she feels she is a victim and lost the pageant due to her position on gay rights, then I am roflol! She gets to pontificate and deny gay people the same rights she enjoys and then feels SHE has been wronged! If that is her opinion, fine. She should stand tall and be pleased with her small self that she spoke her true convictions!

Anonymous said...

She denied them nothing by simply stating her opinion, which she has every god given right to do. At least until people like you gag her!

"she spoke her true convictions!"

As she has every right to....whether you like it or not.

Hal said...

No problem Anon.

She has her right to her opinion. Where right departs from hundreds of thousands of dollars, apparently lies within the bounds of her judges.

Miss California was not judged by American standards, but by a panel. One of whom she supremely offended. She forgot that and played to the crowd.

Complaining about the outcome is the ultimate in idiocy.

I say this humbly admitting my roots to her home state.

Michael Jason Teegarden said...

1. She spoke her true feelings, without thought to political correctness or how those words would be received by others. This is one reason she lost the competition: she put little/no thought into how her words would be received. Sensitivity towards others: not present.
2. She had plenty of true, accurate, and correct responses she might have chosen from, had she any education, research, or preparation. One possibility which comes to mind has been used by the Republicans and Democrats both: "No state should follow suit in legalizing gay-marriage simply because another state has done so. Each state must make that determination on its own, by its own methods, according to the wishes of its own people." This perhaps would have gone over better than her actual response.
3. She needs an excuse to explain why she lost, rather than address the actual problems. She could ask herself what _she_ did wrong, but that's a maturity perhaps lacking in her. She could learn from this experience (we all make mistakes, yes?) but that's a self-educational habit perhaps lacking in her. Or, she could be satisfied her moral stance was stated on nationwide/worldwide television, considering that exposure more important than her selfish desire to win. But that, too, is perhaps lacking in her.

Gail H said...

Probably beauty contestants should have questions directed at them that
they can answer with some expertise.

Hal said...

Decidedly so. I hate the generality that all beauty pageant women are bird brains, but sometimes you have to let the shoe fit. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.