Sunday, April 26, 2009

Joint Election Early Voting Starts On April 27th

So if you want to exercise your opinion on local politics, or if you want a huge say in what kind of school board you want running your life, go vote in the Joint Election. No it's not an election to legalize marijuana, several entities have combined together for this uniform election day to make it less costly and more efficient.

Go vote.

Vote because voter turnout for these elections is pitifully small. You could have as much as 15 to 20 times the voting clout as your neighbors because for one reason or another, they don’t vote in these things.

Early voting starts tomorrow. April 27th and goes for an astounding 2 weeks with the last day of early voting on El Cinco de Mayo (the only holiday we Americans celebrate because of a beer company’s ad campaign).

Races in the joint election are for races in Fort Bend ISD, City of Arcola, City of Missouri City, City of Sugar Land and the Kingsbridge MUD

And there are tons of voting locations. Click here for a .PDF file of times and locations.

But what the heck, if you are a procrastinator like I have been lately or for some reason you still think that only certain privileged people can early vote wait until Election Day on May 9th (it’s on a Saturday – isn’t that a novel concept?)

There are more voting locations then, I guess to avoid all the long lines.

(That was a joke)

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