Monday, April 06, 2009

Stimulus Money Coming To Texas

With their next paychecks, Texans will have more dollars coming their way as the payroll deduction provision of the Democratically passed “Making Work Pay” tax credit kicks in this month. Texans should see an extra 13 dollars every two weeks.

That’s $26 extra per month.

That’s $312 extra this year.

Thank you congressional Democrats and thank you President Obama.

Now to the rest of you who are looking at this mini-windfall with a jaundiced eye, looking at filthy lucre from filthy Democratic hands, and wondering why congress couldn’t have made this windfall go toward the corporations in lowering their taxes, or toward the truly rich who have the wherewithal to pass this benefit on to those of us who are less well-off, I have just this to say:

You know what to do.

Send your extra $26 every month to Corporate America. They’ll know what to do with it.

Wait, you don’t have an address? Here let me help.

Andrew N. Liveris
Chairman, President and CEO
Dow Chemical Corporation
2030 Dow Center
, MI 48674

Rex W. Tillerson
Chairman and CEO
Exxon Mobil Corporation
5959 Las Colinas Blvd.

, TX 75039-2298

Edward M. Liddy
Chairman and CEO
American International Group, Inc.
70 Pine St
New York
, NY 10270

I could go on and on. There are tons and tons of deserving corporate executives that you can donate that filthy lucre that Barack Obama and the Democrats are sending to you. But you get the picture, don’t you.

Be sure and deduct the 42 cent stamp it is going to take to mail your monthly checks to these deserving gentlemen. And I’m sure that if there are enough of you out there, they will arrange a way to get the funds from you via some sort of payroll deduction plan.

That way they can keep the 42 cents.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you making a false assumption hal that everyone that didn't support the borrow, tax and spend ways of Bush would support the borrow, tax and spend ways of O'Bama? Using the same tired rhetoric for whomever the entrenched appear to be gets very old, very fast. Cut the strings, don't just realign them!

People are looking for something different and disconnected from the inner loop bunch. The problem is getting to them past the big corporate special interest and strategist feeding on the political industry.

They will say and do anything to fool the public to keep the only game in town going.

No, most people are not for corporate welfare anymore than they are for a complete social welfare system, but you can keep rolling them up in a very ugly propaganda blanket if it makes you feel better. I guess labels are convenient.

NO most taxpayers are not pro-elite corporate neocon types. They just are tired of being in the middle taking the squeeze from the money grubbers on both ends for the flavor of the day crony-projects.

Sorry if you don't like it, but think outside the box for once.

Hal said...

OK, Anon. So who is getting your share of the Obama lucre? Surely you aren't going to keep it for yourself or spend it at WalMart.

A nice Libertarian cause, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

try independent and i've voted across parties on many issues and people. keep guessing, because i don't much favor monopolies (political or corporate) or one-sided blogs.

Hal said...

Yeah . . . independent. I've heard that one before.

Nice line. Don't wear it out.

Anonymous said...

Most Americans will not even notice Barack's "lucre." Maybe that's the beauty of it--folks will not notice it and will spend it the way the spend the rest of their paycheck.

Your challenge to folks to send their portion of the "lucre" to the evil corporate America is similar to a challenge I've often see to those that think we are under-taxed. I've seen those that think they're under-taxed to voluntarily send more taxes to their government. Not many takers.

John Coby said...

An independent conservative is code word for "embarrassed republican"

Anonymous said...

Send some to Dodd and Barney Frank. At least Rex Tillerson provides a product you use every the power for this tool you use to spread your leftist ignorance.

Hal said...

I must apologize to readers who had to read the comments of the person who responded to Coby's comment. I didn't notice the profanity until it was too late. It's gone now.

And sorry, in my haste to act I inadvertently deleted the comment that followed his...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if John's blog members who aren't lock step with his political party are aware of his opinions posted over here?