Monday, January 23, 2012

Jessica Farrar to Perry: Reimburse the Taxpayers

Oh isn’t it sweet irony when our governor, who is a self-professed fiscal conservative, gets called out on the carpet by a Democratic state representative, State Rep Jessica Farrar, a true fiscal conservative, about his not so conservative policies with regard to his abortive run for the presidency.

It’s here at the Chron. Today Rep Farrar sent to Rick Perry a letter kindly requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred in having a state-paid security detail while campaigning for the Republican nomination in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In a separate issue, it seems Ms. Farrar objects to Governor Perry’s double dipping ways, collecting both a governor’s salary and a state pension.

Perry spokesman Lucy Nashed countered that Perry, as governor, rates a security detail at all times, even when traveling out of state.

Yeah, maybe so, but when traveling out of state with a security detail, Perry must be on state business. He wasn’t. He was on the personal business of seeking higher office. That’s not state business. I recall in times past that Perry’s people justified the security detail’s use that Perry was promoting Texas everywhere he went and spoke. Yeah, except that’s not exactly what happened was it? As a matter of fact, Texans have egg on their faces over the fact that they elected this turkey once, and then re-elected him two more times. This dolt is the longest sitting governor in the state’s history.

This makes Texans look like the idiots that they are. And I’m not saying all Texans are idiots, lots and lots of us did not vote for Perry, ever. But we are all painted with the same broad strokes, so we are all tainted.

Perry. Pay us back. You didn’t promote anything but yourself and you did such a bad job at that that you are out of the race and Ron Paul – who can never win – is still in it with money to spend.

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