Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry’s In…Then Perry’s Out…Then He’s In Again…Then He’s Out…And He’ll Be Back

Did you hear? Rick Perry finally pulled the plug on his presidential campaign, recognizing what was painfully obvious to every election watcher out there. After “Oopsing” on a nationally broadcast debate, this paper tiger nincompoop governor’s numbers went further south than Tierra del Fuego.

And not a single citizen who watches Perry’s antics were surprised when he imploded.

Again, and again and again.

So after coming in 5th place in Iowa, Perry flip flopped on pulling out, apparently resigned to the fact that 5th place was no place to be, but reversed himself on a morning run, an endorphin-induced euphoria I would imagine. Then in running behind “Others” in New Hampshire, Perry shouts for on high “On to South Carolina!” Insanity at its best.

Or maybe his war chest wasn’t empty yet and he had more loot to spend with his friends.

See, it was very telling that in announcing his exit from the election that a major factor in making this final decision was the fact that his campaign donations were off and funds were running low. It became obvious that his continued presence was due to the fact that he had campaign cash and needed to spend it on his friends and consultants, because that is what Rick Perry does. With Perry, one hand washes the other.

So…no more money, no Perry. For now.

Later today we get a Terminatoresque statement from Perry’s communications director:

“Running for re-election as Texas governor ‘is certainly a strong option as would be maybe doing this again in four years if the president wins,’ communications director Ray Sullivan said after Perry’s announcement.”
Get that? He’ll be back.

But here’s what I am wondering. I am wondering if Rick Perry can even draw enough votes to survive a primary challenge in 2014. He has made a mockery of himself to the nation and the world, and a mockery of Texans who are apparently too stupid to notice that the man they elected to that office three times is dumber than a bag of hammers.

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Greg said...

Perry ended up about where I expected him to when he first got into the race -- far back in the pack and looking foolish.