Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whoa. Waitaminute. A June Primary?

There is no one who thinks that the Texas Primary will be held on April 3rd.  No one. I was at a Democratic Party meetup yesterday and we heard directly from the director of elections for Fort Bend County exactly what would be the timeline should the Supreme Court of the United States deign to come to a decision before February 1st 2012. The timeline is nightmarish.

The things that they have to fulfill statutorily will be squeezed into a schedule so tight that no way, no how, will it ever happen.

Taking me back to learning of the discussion of a Texas June primary among the Justices.

That would be bad.

Guess what. The Texas Democratic Party’s state convention is scheduled to convene on June 6th 2012. Lots of stuff has to happen before a state convention can occur, including the primary, the precinct caucuses to happen on Primary Day, and the Senate District/County caucuses to happen after that.

Delegates to the state convention are picked at the Senate District/County caucuses.

And, OK, on top of that, all of the venues for the state convention have already been contracted to the tune of a half a million dollars in commitments. Commitments that the TDP must fulfill even if it cannot meet those commitments.

SCOTUS, in its infinite wisdom to completely screw up the Texas Primary has also put the Texas Democratic Party between a rock and a hard place financially. This is a story that just does not end, and just does not get better.

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judge chief charly hoarse said...

Could this be by design? Or did the tory lege really think that their gerrymander would fly?