Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A June Primary in Texas?

OK, I know that there was a primary election in New Hampshire yesterday, and I know about the results, but in the scheme of things, the results of the New Hampshire Primary are so expected it just doesn’t warrant comment.

Yes, Barack Obama won.

But more importantly, when, exactly, will the Texas Primary Election be held? On a terribly optimistic note, the primary was moved from March 6th to April 3rd. Optimistic in that it was hoped that the wheels of justice would spin expeditiously. An expectation that is sorely lacking in any substance.

The Supreme Court is apparently not willing to decide the case of which Texas district maps are to be used in this year’s elections anytime soon. In court, there was even a discussion of a June primary for Texas.


From Super Tuesday to a ho-hum “the parade has ended” June primary.

Last time the presidential primary in Texas was electric, especially in the Democratic Party where a nominee was yet to become apparent. McCain was all but anointed at that point. But if there is a challenge to the juggernaut that is the Romney Campaign, there is a chance for Texas Repubs to cast a meaningful vote – in March. In June, who cares?

Bad news for the downballot Republican candidates in Texas.

The silver lining is that this news puts Democrats, who also have a non-issue on the presidential primary, on an equal footing – voter turnout-wise – as Republicans. When that happens, only activists and the truly interested/involved show up at the polls. Bad for Republicans. Good for Democrats.

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