Friday, January 06, 2012

The Perry Spin is In

Yesterday I opined that the real reason Rick Perry decided to stay in the presidential race was that he had become the dark horse candidate that would dilute the anti-Romney vote. Today we learn from his staffers that he’s really in it to win. That this guy, who finished in 5th place in Iowa, and is looking to get thrashed in New Hampshire, thinks he can win it all.

Because it’s South Carolina after all. You know, mountain folks that interbreed.

These, Perry’s people are saying, are just the kind of voters that will resuscitate  Perry’s flagging campaign and make him look like the genius that he isn’t.

Sorry, not buying it.

Also out today is a statement from an Iowa “family values” evangelical leader, Bob Vander Plaats. Vander Plaats says that Rick Perry ought to reconsider his reconsideration.

Rick Perry should get out because of his performance in the presidential debates has been, shall we say lackluster, and that Rick Santorum would be a Romney nightmare should he become the single conservative evangelical on the ballot.

And so again, I find myself in curious agreement with this evangelical conservative leader. There’s a 4-way tug-o-war going on to capture the evangelical anti-Romney vote and if Romney keeps on winning, especially in winner-take-all states, Romney will get the nomination.

Romney gets the nomination and evangelical conservatives will all stay home in November.

Not a bad idea.

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