Friday, January 20, 2012

Supremes Shaft Texas Primary

Well it isn’t like I didn’t expect it.

When it was announced early today that the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the district maps drawn up by the San Antonio federal court were not going to be used in 2012, I was not surprised. I am fair-minded from time to time and I can see how completely redrawing all of the districts instead of the areas most affecting Hispanics and African-Americans might be seen as unreasonable.

The court ordered the 3-judge panel to follow the template set up by the state legislature and only tweak the areas that were clearly designed to marginalize minority voting strength.

So it’s still a big mess because none of that can be accomplished until the DC court rules, and that won’t be for another 3 weeks or so.

Talk about a mess. Talk about a huge box of tangled hangers. I guess we all get to thank the Supremes for moving our primary date after our scheduled early June state convention dates.


Greg said...

Yeah -- SCOTUS should have ordered the map approved by the Texas legislature be used -- or settled the Section 5 question itself.

Either that, or ordered a "bedsheet ballot" with all legislative and congressional candidates elected at large, as was done in Illinois in 1964 in a similar situation.

Of course, we could always have TWO primaries -- one for offices not impacted by the ruling and one for the offices this ruling implicates.

Hal said...

Ordering the current maps be used didn't happen because they saw the self-evident truth that the boundaries were drawn in such a was as to disenfranchise minority groups who have a right to elect their own.

And holding two primaries have mainstream Republicans shaking in their boots because of all the primary challengers from the TEA Party. So yeah, having two primaries - that would be a plus.