Thursday, March 14, 2013

Assault Weapons Ban Bill Clears Judiciary Committee 10 to 8

And guess what else? The vote was entirely along party lines. No, not one Republican senator voted to ban over two thousand assault style rifles that are more appropriate in a war zone than a school zone, and not one Republican senator voted to limit the size of a semi-automatic magazine clip to ten rounds.
Not. One. Republican. Senator.
It’s as if Sandy Hook never happened according to the Guns Only Party. It’s as if those 20 children whose gun-riddled bodies were laid to rest by a grieving New England town never existed.
This is Gun Worship Gone Wild. It is the Republican Party saying to Americans that people have the right to own weapons of modern warfare, but peace-loving people do not have a right to safe and secure schools.
The framers of the Constitution could never imagine how this anachronistic 2nd Amendment is being abused by a few wealthy people so they can feed the paranoia and gun lust of so many demented Americans.

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