Friday, March 08, 2013

We're Number 1 !!!

For the second year in a row the state of Texas is number 1:  Number 1 in the percentage of its citizens who have no health insurance. In 2011 the US Census reported that Texas had the largest percentage of people uninsured at a rate of 24.4%. And a new Gallup Poll released today shows that we have improved on that number this year, and now have 28.8% with no health insurance. That’s right, Mississippi, suck eggs. You lose again.

People with no health insurance usually don’t see doctors for preventative care, and when they do see a doctor, it is in an emergency room – with a health matter that is severe.

I can well-imagine what would drive the Gallup people to conduct such a poll, what with Republican governor after Republican governor announcing that they are taking the feds up on an offer to throw billions of dollars at them in exchange for a modest increase in their payments to Medicaid.

Rick Perry is steadfastly refusing to participate in this Medicaid expansion program, part of Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. Perry and the Republican-led legislature are thumbing their collective noses at a $100 billion (yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’) handout in exchange for the state putting up an extra $15 billion.

Meanwhile, people are needlessly getting sick and people are dying. All because cold-hearted Rick Perry wants to make a political point or two with the TEApublicans who themselves have hearts colder than a well digger’s keester.

Remember when Rick Perry wanted to spend millions of taxpayer dollars buying Gardasil so he could vaccinate each and every 11 year old girl in Texas against one form of HPV? As it turns out it was to lend a helping hand to his former staffer who was a lobbyist for Merck, the maker of Gardasil. I wonder if Perry would change his tune if we can figure out some way for his cronies to make vast sums in profits in Medicaid is expanded in Texas.

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It's getting so I flinch whenever I hear the phrase that is the title of this post.