Saturday, March 30, 2013

When Turning Red is a Good Thing

Zuckerberg’s social networking website had an event this past week.
As the Supreme Court braced to hear two cases with regard to the marriage of same-sex couples, a movement sprang up that quickly spread throughout Zuckerberg’s domain: Going Red.
There was no encouragement. There was no central place where people were urged to change their profile picture to this.
Not to my knowledge anyway.
But the thing went viral and many many profile pictures were changed last week to the one over there at left, an icon for marriage equality.
It got so huge that Zuckerbergites had to launch an investigation to see how widespread this trend was, and lo and behold produced this map of the United States.
The red areas are areas where users changed their profile pictures to be in solidarity with gay marriage equality.
Not surprisingly, you can almost lay a straight edge at the Mason-Dixon Line and see red change to a pinkish-rose color. The Solid South is ever solid in their disdain for equality. It’s as if they invented the concept.
Oh…wait… . They did.

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