Saturday, March 16, 2013

She Just Doesn't Go Away, Does She? And Thank God For That

Sarah Palin is here to stay. And thank you Jesus for that.
Sarah Palin continues to lead the charge of the conservative right, and they love her for it. And want some Sarah love, not that it is anywhere near close to happening.
Sarah Palin sells sex. She sells sex whores down by the she sure won't.
Think about it. Has this woman been relevant since she quit her executive position in Alaska? Not even close. So why does this woman claim a key speaker position at Day 3 of CPAC? Sex. Pure sex.
Palin has nothing left to sell except for her sexuality. She has run out of ideas, run out of relevance, run out of anything close to a conservative agenda. She has nothing. Nothing but a wink.
But again, thank God for Sarah Palin. Without her we progressives have nothing to remind ourselves of the national effort to overthrow the things we have accomplished. Without Sarah Palin, we have no figurehead. Thank you, Sarah Palin for representing to Americans all that is wrong with the rightwing in this time when Americans forget. Midterms. Keep it up Sarah dear.

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