Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Jebster is Runnin'

Hey, here's a great idea. Why not run another  Bush for president in 2016? The very day after the Republicans' last great white hope made an utter fool of himself on Fox News, former Florida governor Jeb Bush announced on the Today Show that he was considering running for the top spot in government.
So that means he is definitely running, huh? He skipped the exploratory committee and went right for "I might run."
Oh boy. Bush 41, Bush 43 and  Bush 45.
Thing is, all this is going to do is solidify a Democratic win 4 years ahead of the game. TEApublicans aren't going to go for him because of what his brother did to the national debt. Democrats hate that name. Even if Jeb is "the smart one" this dog won't hunt.
But it will be fun to watch.

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