Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catholic Parishioners to Pay for their Priest’s Sins

How apropos.
Catholics in America and worldwide are being asked to contribute to fundraisers that are meant to pay families whose only offense was to provide church clerics of objects of their desires. Their children’s’ bungholes.
Imagine that. A church whose net worth is in the trillions of dollars after gathering tithes from their parishioners for two thousand years is asking the very same to bail them out of the scandal that has beset them very recently: the buggery of male children.
How heinous is that? Men in skirts hitting on their parishioners for the privilege of retrieving money from the afflicted so that they may repay those that theirs have buggered.
They own more gold than Midas. More artwork than La Louvre. Yet they expect their parishioners to pay for their sins.
How very Catholic. How very Christian of them.

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