Friday, August 25, 2006

Labor Day Barbecue, Democrats, and Fun With Friends

First, an aside:

Like the new title graphic? Mark over at View from 22 put it together. I didn’t even ask. It’s hard to get used to people doing things for you without you asking. It’s commonplace among Democrats, but it’s still hard to get used to, working, as I do, for a school district.

Now on to new business

It seems like every time something good happens around here, there is barbecue to eat. And on Sunday, September 3rd, Labor Day Weekend, we have the mother of all barbecues to attend at the Sugar Land Community Center.

For a map click here for the muse map

I’ve been block walking, and you think that would help me drop a few pounds, but with all this barbecue, it’s pretty much a wash.

This is event a must do. You can’t not go. Not only will Congressman Al Green be there as keynote speaker, but there is going to be a grand assemblage of federal, statewide, and local candidates there.

In addition to Congressman Green, at last report we will have the following in attendance:

Barbara Ann Radnofsky – candidate for US Senate
Nick Lampson – candidate for US Congress (TX-22)
Shane Sklar – candidate for US Congress (TX-14)
Chris Bell – candidate for Texas Governor
Hank Gilbert – candidate for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture
David Van Os – candidate for Texas Attorney General
Jim Sharp – candidate for Justice on the 1st Court of Appeals
Dora Olivo – Texas House Representative (District 27)
Dorothy Bottos – candidate for Texas House (District 28)
Neeta Sane – candidate for Fort Bend County Treasurer
Rudy Velasquez – candidate for Judge of County Court at Law #1
Albert Hollan – candidate for District Judge 268th District Court
Veronica Torres – candidate for Fort Bend County District Clerk
Farhan Shamsi – candidate for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

Get your tickets before they sell out. Call or go on down to the Fort Bend Democrats Headquarters in Rosenberg. I already have my ticket. Here’s the truth: I bought the first one. Mine is #001. I picked it up early because I have a class to attend all day Saturday, the day I usually show up to install campaign signs or go block walking. So I decided I had better get mine now.

I know. What a day to have a class to go to. Well you can say that when I am putting up campaign signs, I have no class. muse would agree. muse vision has had to sample the aftermath of one of my sign installation forays into the field. Not a pretty sight.


muse said...

Hal, I could get proof with the muse camera!

Hal said...


Spare them, muse. Readers log on to be informed and share in the comaraderie. Not to be grossed out.

Readers, now for your own sakes I have to watch myself when I come back in from my "grassroots field work". muse is known for taking "stealth snapshots".

JobSearchNinja said...

"Labor was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labor, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased."