Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Goldilocks Politics: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold. Just Right

Goldilocks had a dilemma. She had three bowls of porridge to choose from, how to choose? Well, one criterion was thermal energy. She found that one was too hot, one was too cold and one was just right.

Then she had another choice to make. What chair was she going to sit in? Size became the criterion. Two of them were just too big for her. So she chose the smallest one, but had eaten a little too much porridge so when she sat in it she turned it into toothpicks.

Eating and busting up furniture is bound to tire one out, so she now had three beds to choose from. Firmness, a definite deciding factor: one was too hard, one was too soft, and the third was “just right”.

When the three bears got back from Wal-Mart they woke her up and she ran out the door screaming into the night.

That’s kind of like how I am feeling right about now. The DCCC has put out two mailers, one that exposes write-in candidate Shelley Sekula-Gibbs as “Too Liberal for Texas” saying that she is “too soft on illegal immigration”.

Then what should appear in my mail box yesterday but another piece from the D-trip-C. This one attacks write-in candidate Don Richardson as “Too Conservative for Texas” as he wants to “put troops on the border”.

Does either of these pieces actually give the voter a third choice? Negative. Not a one. We just have two choices presented to us, one too hard on immigration, the other too soft. So I’m waiting for the third shoe to drop. Who could be the choice that is “just right”?

That’s where I am right now. Waiting for the bears to come home to scare the holy Krishna out of me.

I agree with Bob Dunn. This is either a brilliant move on the political chessboard, or someone’s wacky idea of good politics.

I am on the fence on this one.


Anonymous said...

I was confused for the longest time. As a proud Republican, all these adds made me want to do was vote for the guy... he's for the patriot act, he wants to wiretap suspected terrorists, what's not to like.

Then I realized THAT WAS THE POINT. The purpose of the add is to try to get votes for Don and away from Shelly. Richardson isn't really running, but these adds could potentially sway some uninformed voter to go vote for him.

Anyone who says the dems are honestly spending money to try to beat someone who isn't even running is just plain lying.

Hal said...

Only a Republican can shed some light on this. Of course, why couldn't we all see this. It is a surefire way to split the write-in vote. I'll go you one better now that I see it. The DCCC isn't saying that Shelley is too liberal for Texas so vote for Lampson, they're redirecting toward Richardson.