Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mark Foley: If I Were One of These Sickos I'd Be Nervous With America's Most Wanted On My Track

What is it with these people who

a) brazenly stray across the borders of what our society considers to be "normal sexual behavior"
b) think about it a lot.

Is there a thrill there that we are all missing? The thrill of "what if I get discovered"?

The fallout on this is going deeper and deeper. Atrios has learned from the New York State Democratic Committee, that Rep. Tom Reynolds KNEW about the emails months ago, but kept it quiet. For his trouble (or shall we say, lack of it), his NRCC got a cool 100 large from Foley.

If word of payoffs of this magnitude gets out, Republican campaign warchests are going to empty out into the bank accounts of parents of present and former pages.

This Just In

On CNN at this moment, they are asking whether there will be any criminal investigations.

WHETHER? Are you kidding me?

As an educator I am informed on an annual basis that if I am told of, made aware of, hear rumors of, ANY abuse of children, and don't report it, that I would open up myself to criminal prosecution with fines and jail time.

Teachers are subjected to these kinds of standards, but it is being batted about WHETHER congressmen and others will be subjected to criminal investigation.

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