Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shelley Is So Silly - I Never Thought I Would Miss Tom

I really have to admit it. It sure was nice to have a devil to defeat. Tom DeLay is The Devil incarnate. He really is.

And I miss having him around to hate. Now he's looking a little pathetic. Heck he even concedes that the Republicans might lose a few seats in the House. That's not the Tom "The Hammer" DeLay that I loved to hate. Here he is commenting on things on Fox News about 3 weeks ago. I want to remind you what a lying, deceitful, scoundrel he is just one more time. Except now, he's a little pathetic.

What is worse, the person he propped up and pushed into the write-in race for his Texas CD-22 seat is also looking pathetic.

A Campaign Song? Who thought it would be a terrific idea to have a campaign song with lyrics to the tune of "The Beer Barrel Polka" (alternately known as "Roll Out the Barrel")?

"Write me in?" I tried it on my grammar checker, and nothing turned up, but isn't that just the strangest sentence ever? She's more of a write off than a write in.

Not even on Bob Perry's list to receive part of his $8 million? Her campaign organization's finance chairman? From the Chron:

"Perry has long been a supporter of Sekula-Gibbs, who is the state Republican Party's choice as a write-in candidate to succeed DeLay in the 22nd Congressional District. He is her finance chairman, but campaign finance records do not list any contributions from Perry to Sekula-Gibbs' congressional campaign. And with less than a month left in the campaign, none of the 527s he is funding are focusing on the 22nd District. It's but one indication that national Republican-affiliated groups are pulling back their money to focus elsewhere."
How pathetic is that?

So Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, the Republican write-in, is a write-off after all.

Our Tom would never have let that happen.

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mamatx said...

I am truly disgusted that Tom got a standing ovation in the clip. I, too, love to hate that man!