Monday, March 10, 2008

Clinton Superdelegate Spitzer Dips Pen in the Wrong Inkwell

Now it is beyond me to condemn a man for engaging the assistance of the world’s oldest service provider as this falls into the category of victimless crimes, but it appears that Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York has found himself on the hot seat. Earlier we had the revelation of another who engaged these intimate services, leading to the ultimate embarrassment of Louisiana Senator David Vitter, demonstrating that sexual intimacy, and having to pay for it, knows no political boundaries.

Interestingly enough, it was federal wiretapping or interception of various text messages, e-mails and telephone calls that nailed the governor. Not only did his service provider provide sensual stimulation assistance, but it appears that her organization was also involved in international money laundering. Something I’ll bet the governor was unaware of.

This can’t be of any help to
Hillary Clinton’s campaign. There is lots of footage of Clinton on stage with Spitzer, giving praise to her state’s governor. Now I’ll bet that the Hillster didn’t know that the Spitzerster was an unrepentant satyrid. And on top of all of that, Spitzer is a well-known “Mr. Clean” who worked up to his present seat of power by spending 8 years upholding the laws of New York state as its Attorney General.

So, what should Hillary Clinton do? Continue to accept the endorsement of Superdelegate Spitzer? She forgave Bill for his dalliances after all. Or since these acts of Spitzer also involved the exchange of thousands of dollars, rather than a cigar, should she reject his support and call for his resignation, as a whole passel of Republicans are now doing or about to do?

Like I said, I neither praise nor condemn the New York governor. That these services are illegal in his state is more a reflection of local mores than his character. But here is the rub: when a politician engages in the services of one who practices the world’s oldest profession, it is well-advised that you not be one of those who practice the world’s second oldest profession.

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Anonymous said...

Let's here more about these dummy corporations that Spitzer was funneling money into. Clinton also has ties to these corporations. A thorough investigation must be made. Let's see Clinton's tax returns, she could be the next one to be under indictment.