Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crunching The Numbers: Obama Wins Texas Delegates By 3?

It's crude and it is also premature, but then people say, so are my jokes. Here is how I have crunched the numbers on the Texas primary delegates and the caucus delegates. Subject to change if the winds shift (as we all know they are bound to do around here).

Primary Delegates for Obama: 61
Primary Delegates for Clinton: 65

Caucus Delegates for Obama: 37
Caucus Delegates for Clinton: 30

Total Texas Delegates for Obama: 98
Total Texas Delegates for Clinton: 95

As of now, Obama has a 3 delegate majority on the Texas delegation.

As I said, these are premature results based on a state-wide 46.67% precincts reporting.


3/06 - With 48.27% of the caucus votes tallied, it looks like Clinton lost another delegate. It's now Obama with 38 of the caucus delegates, and Clinton with 29.

I actually thought it would go the other way . . . really. But we still have a long way to go and those desert tortoises that the TDP has working on this are going as fast as they can.

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