Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fred McMurrey To Get An Obama Bounce?

I keep forgetting. Ray, His name is Ray. Ray is one of the three other guys who is running for the Democratic nomination for one of Texas’ two US Senate seats. I’ve been having a little fun with all their names because . . . it’s fun. Even my guy, Rick Noriega, has not escaped my “Name Game”.

It’s all been about Gene Kelly, though.

Recently a Noriega campaign spokesperson announced that they were fully expecting a runoff election in this race. From the Austin American Statesman:
“We fully expect to be in a runoff just because of the huge surge in voters,” Lake said. “The number of new voters coming out who have never voted in primaries before, don't know us, and the number of candidates running” are all factors feeding a runoff, she said.
I can see that. Rick has had only a precious few months to introduce himself to Texas’ Democratic voters, and with so many going to the polls in this primary, impelled mainly by the presidential primary, there are going to be a few uninformed people who, rather than leave a vote blank, look for a likely name to put a check against.

Gene Kelly has played that game before when, by virtue of the fact that his name is identical to that world-famous (and now dead) singer/hoofer/actor, you know . . . Gene Kelly, caused a Democratic runoff in the US Senate race in 2006.

But this year Gene has some competition.

That competition will be from Fred McMurrey . . . er . . .Ray. It won’t be huge – only limited to one county precinct in Fort Bend County, but sure as not, some people who go to the polls to vote for Barack Obama may also cast their votes for McMurrey.

I cite this anecdote, as told to me tonight by my friend Charles.

It seems that he and several others were talking to voters as they were leaving the polls. One of them was running as a Republican for Precinct 1 Constable. His name is James Murray. Mr. Murray was speaking with a couple that had just left, and asked them if they voted for him. “Yes,” they exclaimed, “We did, right there after we voted for Obama.” “No,” Murray explained. “You couldn’t have voted for me, I’m on the other ballot.” But the couple swore up and down that they had voted for Murray, and left.

Leaving the rest of them scratching their heads.

So when Ray and his campaign manager are checking their numbers on Wednesday, and see a little blip in their numbers from Fort Bend County precincts with numbers beginning with “1”, that’s why.

Ray got an Obama Bounce.

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