Friday, August 13, 2010

Debbie Riddle Slammed By Former FBI Agent

You may have seen on CNN the Anderson Cooper interview of State Reps Debbie Riddle and Raphael Anchia the other day. They say the video is being spread far and wide. I myself received two emails from two different sources urging me to sit through the eleven minute exchange. In his email message, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie even congratulated State Rep Anchia for not falling out of his chair through the interview.

Anyway, it looks like Cooper was unwilling to just take Debbie Riddle’s word for it that she had the absolute unvarnished truth from a “former FBI agent” that mothers-to-be were crossing the US border illegally so they could give birth to citizens who would grow up to be terrorists.

You know, “real tin foil hat” stuff. Not just crazy, Texas Crazy.

So he went and got his own former FBI agent to interview, one Thomas Fuentes, a former assistant director no less. Fuentes pretty much debunks the whole riddle that is Debbie Riddle.

I like the “No preschool list” idea.

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