Sunday, August 22, 2010

Israel, Palestine and Baraq O’Bamah

It was announced this past Friday that there would be renewed direct negotiations – or “talks” – between the Israeli government and Palestinian leaders.

“Direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are to resume for the first time since they broke down over the conflict in Gaza more than a year and a half ago.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Israeli and Palestinian leaders had agreed to meet in Washington within days. She warned the parties not to be defeated by what she called ‘the enemies of peace’.”
This is a big coup for President Obama who had this very thing on his agenda since taking office last year. There are lots of people, though, who have serious doubts that any real progress is possible. Both sides seem intractable and have positions that are directly opposite to each other. Positions that are more about national and cultural pride and religion than anything else.

A recipe for failure if ever there was one.

And on top of all of that, there is that whole Antichrist thing going on in America. The Antichrist thing is being fanned by some truly triple Z Crazzzy Christian Evangelicals who think that Barack Obama, or really Baraq O’Bamah, is the Antichrist.

This little gem is from a viral You Tube video that attempts to translate His words into Aramaic. Hence when Jesus said “I saw Satan as lightening falling from the heights” the partial translation would be “I saw Satan as baraq o'bamah.”

Crazy, huh?

And how does all of this relate to Israel and Palestine? Well if you are to believe the trio that were interviewed at the Christians United for Israel conference that took place in DC in July 2007 the thing that Barack Obama’s administration has just committed to is seemingly the work of the Antichrist.

Endtimes, here we come.

These are all followers of Texas’ own Reverend John Hagee. These are Hagee’s own thoughts, thoughts that he has written in his book.

So what does Hagee think about this whole notion that Barack Obama is the Antichrist?

Whew. Another bullet dodged.

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