Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What He Said . . .

I cannot improve on what Washington Post political cartoonist Tom Toles says today about how those whose religion has been protected for 223 years by the 1st Amendment want to deny those same religious rights that they have enjoyed, to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Going to Mosque is not prima facie evidence of being a terrorist or attending IED classes.


Joe Flinn said...

For every opinion or belief someone may hold there will be another party who just as strong opposes that idea. Both sides usually claim to sit with the best arguments, the real facts and the best world view, and, ironically, both sides regard the other as being indoctrinated, blind to the obvious and outright stupid.

I also urge you to look further than mainstream media and, if you can find the time for it, read the Qur'an yourself.

Based on what I have learned from the Qur'an, I strongly object to a mosque being built near ground zero.

Hal said...

Joe, you comment here inspired my next blog piece. Thank you.