Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rick Perry is a . . .

Oh this is too funny.

The Back to Basics people who are behind lots of the Bill White for Governor internet effort have developed another attack on the Texas governor who refuses to talk to media editorial boards let alone participate in an open and honest debate on the issues that affect Texans.

They have a new website.

A new website simply entitled “Perry is a Coward.”

Go there. The first thing you see is Rick Perry standing in an opaque background.

A background as opaque as his campaign. As opaque as the lens that he allows Texas voters to examine his record by.

But don’t be fooled. Just scroll down to see the ad that Back to Basics is going to run in 24 Texas media outlets.

In thinking about this, I considered the utter brilliance of this tack. All you need is a few bucks to buy unique website names, all of them beginning with “Perry is a.” Then you fill in the blank.

All you really need is a thesaurus to make more.

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