Monday, January 17, 2011

Bush-41 Endorses Roger Williams for US Senate

Wow, what amazing news. George Herbert Walker Bush, aka Bush-41 or George the First, has endorsed popular music composer Roger Williams to be the next US Senator from Texas.

Williams is a prolific songwriter and accomplished pianist who is known as the “Pianist to the Presidents” having played for nine, count ‘em, nine Presidents, most recently at a luncheon hosted by former First Lady Laura Bush, Bush-41’s daughter-in-law. He composed "Born Free" among many, many other familiar icons of American popular music.

And while I wasn’t aware that Roger Williams even lived in Texas, or aware of what he would offer in terms of senatorial experience, this endorsement of a man of such elevated stature as Roger Williams, well it just makes me choke up a little.

OK, it’s either that or President Bush has endorsed a car dealer from Weatherford, Texas to be my next US Senator.

The other Roger Williams, you could say.


Never mind.

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Greg said...

It really comes down to whether David Dewhurst can self-fund his way into the nomination, or whether the grassroots can get either Michael Williams or Ted Cruz nominated.