Friday, January 14, 2011

Steele’s Out, Priebus’ In

Well the Grand Old Peoples Party went ahead and gave their leader, Michael Steele, their party chairman that oversaw the largest political comeback since 1994, the old heave ho. Steele, who was running for re-election, stepped aside earlier today when he saw that he didn’t have a prayer of getting enough votes for re-election and the field then narrowed to an Hispanic woman and two white guys.

And surprise, surprise, one of the white guys won.

The woman, Maria Cino, had the endorsement of the highest-ranking Republican elected official in DC, John Boehner, as well as “Dead Eye” Dick Cheney.

She finished in 3rd place.

So the black guy is gone and some white guy with the name Reince Priebus has taken his place.

That’s right, his name is Reince Priebus.

So how do you pronounce that? Apparently, if I just heard it right on MSNBC, his first name rhymes with wince. And sounds exactly like rinse.

So we come to the end of an era with the end of the cycle of the GOPP’s first and only black chairman, gaffe-ridden Michael Steele, who I am going to miss like a case of the shingles, and we now embark on a new cycle, the Rience Cycle if you will.

What I will miss, though, is Michelle Bachmann saying to her party chairman “You be da man.”

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