Monday, January 03, 2011

I Say Potato, You Say Obamacare

Did you ever expect that the Party of No would change their tune after a virtual sweep in the House elections last year? I sure didn’t, and man was I barking up the wrong tree.

The Party of No, the G No P, has changed its tune.

In late 2009 all we were about was the passage of some form of Healthcare Reform bill. It got done over the loud objections of a party that is so intertwined with the health insurance industry that you can’t tell whose appendage is whose. And all they wanted to do, they said at the time, was to concentrate on getting more Americans back to work.

Democrats, they said, were out of touch with Americans who were increasingly alarmed at their preoccupation with not-so-radical changes in healthcare in the face of what mattered most to them: getting their jobs back.

Democrats were out of touch.

So, as my congressman, Pete Olson is fond of saying, the people voted and gave his party the car keys back.

So now, as Barack Obama’s administration sets itself back aright, back on the tracks, so to speak, to get Americans back to work, did the GOP change it’s tune? You bet they did.

Their first order of business is to repeal healthcare reform. Getting Americans back to work can go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks as far as they are concerned. It’s all about Obamacare.

Funny how that works. Funnier still is that while the Republicans are looking like the two-faced spinmeisters that they are, the American people have yet to catch them on it.

Dare I say it? Has America become so distracted that they can’t remember beyond a couple of months what the Republicans claim is the important burning issue of the day?

Has America become collectively a victim of Attention Deficit Disorder?

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