Monday, January 10, 2011

Three Years?

Well my former congressman, Tom DeLay, got sentenced to 3 years in the slammer for the conspiracy charge that he was convicted of last November, and another 5 years for the money laundering charge.

Eight Years? Nope. Judge Pat Priest then allowed DeLay to accept a 10 year probation sentence in place of the 5 year prison sentence.

After his perp walk to get in the back of a Travis County Sheriff’s unit where he was driven off for processing including getting a new mugshot that can be seen at right. Tom DeLay is now out on bail pending his appeal.

The smile is still there, but I see that the smirk is gone.

DeLay's top-dollar lawyer, Dick DeGuerin says "This will not stand" and an appeal has already begun. An appeal before a solid Republican criminal appeals court.

It is Texas after all.

Here is video from KXAN:

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