Tuesday, January 18, 2011

President Perry?

It would be a bigger joke if I had any respect for the collective memories of Americans.

Surely, you would think that after suffering through eight years, two wars, a loss of personal freedoms unseen in our history, and the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression, Americans would think twice about electing yet another Texas governor. Another glib governor with a fairly well-developed sense of humor yet rather dim between the ears.

Not in a century you might say.

Still then, what is it with the reports that just a day after an inaugural celebration took place in Austin – at a cost of millions (that might have been better spent doing something about the $27 billion budget deficit) – now we are finding that Rick is sending out brainwaves of extra-territorial concern

At his inaugural today he had some words to say about things not Texas, even though a $27 billion budget deficit is something that he should clearly be focused on, some say to the tune of 10000% of his time.

“‘You might say historians will look back on this as the Texas century. Americans once looked to the East Coast for opportunity and inspiration, then to the West Coast. Today they are looking to the Gulf Coast — they are looking to Texas.’ Perry also commented on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the turmoil in Mexico, acknowledging the presence of a Mexican border delegation honoring his inauguration.”
“Perry watchers point out what they feel is a significant bit of scheduling: the governor will not be at the Super Bowl in Dallas Feb. 6 but will be in California honoring the 100th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's birth.”

Ronald Reagan wasn’t born in California.


Teabaggers love Perry for his secessionist ways. And maybe in earlier times I would hope for and even invite Rick Perry to run against Barack Obama in 2012. Because that plus the job performance of the previous Texas governor, that should assure President Obama another 4 years.

All bets are off, though. Between corporate funding of elections and the collective American penchant for amnesia, I can only hope that Perry won’t make it out of the starting blocks because of his disastrous economic policies that may just drive the state that he leads over a cliff.

Otherwise we might just have a genuine pistol-packin,’ coyote shootin,’ friend-of-the-corporation, yahoo in the White House – again.

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Greg said...

Let's just say that Perry is less popular than you think -- and the Texas GOP is less supportive of him as a presidential candidate than you believe.