Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Affordable Healthcare Act Lined Up Against the Wall

Anyone who has been looking at what the Supremes are going to do in their decision coming out tomorrow on the Affordable Healthcare Act has come to the conclusion that, at the very least, the Individual Mandate will get the axe. What this does to the rest of the law is anyone’s guess.

As a matter of personal opinion I think you might as well toss out the whole thing if the individual mandate is canned. The Individual Mandate makes the whole thing work. It makes healthcare affordable. So in essence, if the Supreme Court wants to overturn the entire law, all they have to do is strike down the Individual Mandate.
Now, what happens after that is anyone’s guess. What it tells me is that, if this law is struck down, affordable healthcare is not attainable in the United States without a Public Option, or even more to the point, without Medicare for All.
Democrats adopted what is essentially a Republican program, as anyone with a brain can see with Romney’s state healthcare plan – which is Obamacare for Massachusetts. For their efforts in assuaging the fears of the Rightwing of the Democratic Party, Democrats will be dealt with a game changing blow below the belt from an activist uberrightwing court. Arguably the most conservative court in US history.
As you can tell, I am not optimistic on the outcome tomorrow. Tomorrow, 25 million Americans will again be without health insurance, thanks to an anti-middle class Supreme Court.

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