Thursday, June 14, 2012

An End to Civility in America II

Several months back I posted a blog on how civility was becoming a dying art form in today’s American society. I hate to be right sometimes. Today we saw Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz defend the outrageous remarks of a TEA Party supporter and demand that David Dewhurst apologize to her for attacking her.

Dallas area TEA Party activist Katrina Pierson, apparently a Ted Cruz “megasupporter” (whatever that is) posted a tweet in registering her disapproval over the use of a video of a disabled veteran to introduce Dewhurst to the RPT conventioneers.
Here is what she tweeted:
"David Dewhurst exploits deformed disabled vet in intro video. So sad. Liberals placate to heart strings so it meets expectations. #rptcon"

That’s a TEA Partier honestly sharing her complete lack of respect for a wounded veteran, and demonstrating that civility is dead in her cold, cold heart.
Dewhurst supporters were indignant and let her have it with hundreds of tweets that pointed out her complete lack of respect. She could have used the term disabled by itself and the tweet would have been gone and forgotten. But she didn’t. She needed to use the term “deformed.”
And today it got even worse. Ted Cruz jumped to Pierson’s defense. This is part of what appears on his campaign blog today:
“In the past few days, my friend, Tea Party leader Katrina Pierson, made an inappropriate comment about Dan Moran, a brave and honorable veteran who was gravely injured fighting for our Nation. She should not have made that comment, and she has rightly apologized. I have never said an ill word about Captain Moran, and I’m sorry that these comments were made. I very much respect Captain Moran’s remarkable service to our country, and I respect his personal decision to support Mr. Dewhurst in this race. Following Katrina’s tweet, the Dewhurst campaign staff has begun relentlessly attacking her. Katrina is a grassroots Tea Party activist. She is an unpaid volunteer and a single mom who has devoted thousands of hours to fighting to defend liberty and restore our Nation. If the Dewhurst Attack Machine must attack somebody, let them level their vitriol at me. I’m the candidate. The Dewhurst campaign should stop attacking the grassroots, stop attacking the Tea Party, and apologize to Katrina for targeting their never-ending attacks at her.”

Really? They owe Katrina Pierson an apology? Maybe Captain Moran should apologize to Pierson, too, for upsetting her sense of taste in personal appearance.

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