Saturday, June 02, 2012

On Seeing Jesus’ Image in Shower Mold

Man. Now I have seen it all. Probably the oldest known of the random images of Jesus is the famous Shroud of Turin. Something that seems to be dated from the 14th century. Other reported images include a reflection of light revealing the face of a weeping Jesus, a video recording of a crucified Jesus in the clouds above Sharya, Russia, then there’s the image of the ascension of Jesus in the cut face of a geode, an image you can buy on eBay. The one I like best though are the two images of Jesus that have been found in two separate instances of a tasty Cheetos morsel, discussed here and here.

But now, in nearby Splendora, Texas we have apparently discovered Jesus’ image in a moldy growth on the wall of a young couple’s shower.

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Now living alone myself, I know all about procrastination. But now her boyfriend is home from his stint in the slammer. It’s time to stop it with all this talk about how Jesus’ face has manifested itself on her shower wall. One thing I know about mold. Mold grows. Soon enough Jesus is going to turn into an image of a grizzly bear, or worse, an image of the Prophet Muhammad. When that happens thousands of devotees of Islam are going to show up at their door armed with bottles of Tilex and sponges.

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